My birthday falls every 17th of January, and this year, it matches my age! I am officially 17 years old now, another stage of my youth~ (I feel so old tho’ 😂)

Life can be tough sometimes, but as I grow older, I learn more to appreciate things, whether it’s good or bad, small or big or whatever is it. I am so grateful for everything i have because the more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate, Thank you God for another year…wishing for more and more!~❤

I wanna thank all the people who greeted me in personal or thru text massage/call, facebook, twitter, instagram and etc 💞 I feel so loved 💖

Happy birthday to me!~ 💋‍🎉

Processed with Rookie Cam

my bff’s gift!~ I love this so much 💗

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