Five Funny Facts About Me

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As a newbie blogger, I wanted to share five funny facts about me. I have no idea why I came up with this, lol. Uhm… I don’t know if it’s interesting but maybe some of you might relate with me? Hahaha. I admit, I am crazy and I do weird things but that’s just me being me. So here;

  1. I have a super big birthmark on my back! Hahahaha really, it’s like a treasure map!
  1. I love “yaoi”!!!!!! Yaoi is a Japanese genre of fiction means boys love or both males in a homosexual relationship… Kyaahhhh~ Yes! I’m a “fujoshi” (female fan of yaoi). My best friend finds it really weird that I am addicted to that kind of stuff lol but they are really cute for me. Shout out to my favorite OTP out there!! YUNJAE! (Yunho and Jaejoong) ❤
  1. I watched Fifty Shades of Grey alone in cinema (without any companion). Crazy but It was an achievement for me as an underage fan of fsog lol (was really desperate cause I super love that book/movie). It was such a YOLO moment cause that time it was R18 so I couldn’t go without showing any proof that I’m in the right age, but since my older sister and I are look alike, what I did was I borrowed her I.D card and tadah!.. They let me in!
  1. My laugh is loud and I can’t control it. Some say it sounds funny but I find it really annoying.
  1. Watching Kdramas is one of my hobbies. Koreans are so lovely and adorable especially when they do the “aegyo” (acting cute) thingy or when they talk to themselves whenever they are bothered. I somehow adapted it but mine is not and will never be cute! I am just looking a fool doing it hahaha.

I don’t even know if these are funny but if ever, you’re allowed to laugh but please don’t judge me? Hahaha.






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