Unwind with Friends

10/27/16 – Thursday

Sembreak is yet to come so my friends and I decided to treat ourselves by watching in the cinema, yes! the original plan was only watching a movie BUT we ended up going to TAGAYTAY!!!!!! LOL 😂 so here’s the not so full story of our trip;

It was 11:00 in the morning when I just finished taking a bath so I still have 1 hour to get ready because my friends told me that they will pick me up in the house at 12 noon but while i’m still getting dressed, they already called me on the phone telling that they’re already here, ugh these guys… really! 😒 haha and because I don’t want them to wait, I prepared really fast! Then the next one we picked up was our friend who lives in Caloocan then after that, my bff who waited at Shopwise hahahahaha 😂

While we were all already in the car, suddenly, Ar-en, our oldest friend and the driver haha, asked us if we wanted to go somewhere far like Tagaytay (tsk tsk hahaha), so as an adventurous girl  as I am, I agreed and so as my other friends! so that’s how our plan of watching a movie in cinema was ruined! hahahaha 😂


the “carfie” or “roadtripfie”? lol 😂 (wait, I just really need to say that… Ar-en, the guy in right is tooooooooooo good to be a driver! I swear!! I mean, he drives smoothly and super thanks to him for our safe trip and not feeling tired from the long drive 😊 And also to Nam, the guy at the left back, for letting us use his car hahaha and Eis, the guy beside ar-en, for being the funny one so the whole road trip was super fun and of course, my bff who’s always with me forever together hahhahaha )


first groupfie in tagaytay!

Okay, the main purpose of going to Tagaytay was really to have fun and also take pictures with the breathtaking view…….. but when we got there, It was super foggy!


hahahaha as in we can’t see the views anymore. And it was soooo cold! But we all realized that we needed this kind of trip, getting fresh air away from the polluted and busy cities, and the important thing is we all had a blast!!!


All pictures were taken by our phones!! No one of us brought any cameras because we were not ready for this sudden trip! hahahaha 😂

Tried their Strawberry Taho too! (Baguio’s much better! hihi)

And here’s to my super duper best friend forever, I love this girl so much!!! My forever partner in everything I do! 👭💞


 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯


What a great way to unwind from our stressful 1st semester! lol, hope we all get freakin good grades!!!!! missing this trip already!!! will never forget this and the epic funny moments! hahahaha More trips to us, til’ next time!


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