4 days ago, I turned 18 years old!!!!!! OMG! I’m already on the legal age lol, time flies really fast. It feels like I was just kid then suddenly, I’m turning into a lady.


To be honest, it kind of scares me thinking that I am now becoming an adult because it means more duties, being independent, being responsible in every actions I do just like decision makings which I am not really good at lol. But also there’s a part of me of getting excited on stepping adulthood; “Welcome freedom, welcome legality!” hahahaha. I’m already an adult…. in the eyes of the law 😂

So how did I celebrate my birthday?

My parents asked me to choose whether throwing a party/debut or just go to Singapore where my dad works since my daddy can’t go home in Phil. at that time. Of course, I chose the option where I can celebrate my important milestone with my daddy. ❤️


What important is, we, together were able to celebrate it no matter what   I just want us complete and I won’t ask for more, family is the best blessing that anyone could ever have.

01/17/17 (in Philippines already, my exact birthdate)

just a birthday dinner celeb in our house with the people who are special to me; my family, relatives and friends. 


This is just the beginning of my journey ahead and I will make this more exciting, fun and memorable. Time to keep working on my goals and make my dreams come true. THE BEST IS YET TO COME 😊


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