About Me

Hello there! The name is Niña Breeza, teenager girl from Philippines who likes to blog.

 She finds blogging interesting when she started following some bloggers on her Instagram account, they inspired her to share her own experiences and random thoughts, although she was afraid to be judged by people,  Niña Breeza still made it. She is really a determined person when it comes to her passion, she wants to express herself more and try doing other things that are out of her comfort zone like something new and exciting. Blogging introduces herself to the world, it helps her discover more confidence in her life and allows her to relate with others.

Why “My Series of Pensées”?

Well, this page is full of what is in Niña Breeza’s mind, you can witness here the series of her Pensées (which means “thoughts” in french). While she was thinking what would be the title of her blog, she thought about her inspirations, her dreams and the things that make her happy. Paris is her dream place to visit someday, and because of that she chose to include a french word in her title.

She’s going to blog about stuffs she is passionate with such as travels, fashion, styles and etcetera.

Thank you for visiting her page ❤


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